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7 Fantastic Finds During Fall at Sugar Water Manor

There's nothing quite like Fall at Sugar Water Manor. The bright, vivid colors and myriad of autumnal scents is like a scenery overload. Gone are the heat and humidity, replaced by crisp Bay breezes and mellow temperatures and sun-drenched afternoons. Visiting Sugar Water Manor in the Fall is just so very lovely.

We are always excited to welcome guests to the lodging offerings at Sugar Water Manor, but there is something extra special in Autumn. In addition to the three unique accommodations, we share 70 acres of grounds with our guests.

With no more than 12 guests on the property at any one time, everyone is able to use all of our amenities at the same time, and find their own little piece of heaven. Whether you are looking for an active vacation or a relaxing, sleep-late kind of getaway, you can find it here. Sugar Water Manor is really the perfect place to explore the Eastern Shore, MD.

Things To Do In Fall at Sugar Water Manor

1. Do some farm work.

Allow it may be easy to forget that this is a working farm, it definitely is. Guests are not required to do anything, but aren’t you intrigued? Want to find out how to feed a goat or collect eggs from a hen or harvest vegetables to use for your dinner?

Fall is generally harvest time and that means it is a great time to learn more about how the farm works. Things at Sugar Water Manor are organic and ever changing but all guests, even kids, are always welcome to help on the farm. All you have to do is ask, and we’ll be sure to inform you of the chores that need to be done and any farm plans happening during your stay. Fall is also when we start preparing and planting for our winter gardens.

2. Harvest vegetables.

For those visiting the farm in the Fall, get ready for some amazingly delicious fresh produce. For the most part, you will find the vegetables we have planted will be ready for harvest in August and September.

Our garden includes 7 fields, 12 raised beds, and 2 cold frames. Each is tenderly cared for using only organic practices. The produce changes every season, so there is always something fresh to harvest.

3. Enjoy the fire pit.

After the heat of the summer has passed, there is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire after a long day of activities (or a long day of nothing). During the fall and winter, the fire pit at Sugar Water Manor is the perfect spot to watch the sunset, enjoy some s’mores or even cook your dinner. We adore it when we see guests taking advantage of this natural “oven”. And kids love it too!