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11 Ideas For A Fun Farm Stay That Will Make You Swoon

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

There is so much to do on a farm stay. Whether you come with your family, friends, your sweetie, or just yourself, you will fit right in on the farm. The guests who come to Sugar Water Manor find themselves not wanting to leave!

Sugar Water Manor is a working farm and homestead. We grow and produce food for ourselves, guests, the local food pantry and the community. We feel that by opening our farm to guests for them to see and engage if they wish allows guests to gain a better understanding of what goes into getting food to their tables.

Want to know what to do while you are here? There’s so much to do, see and explore. Check out our favorite 11 fun ideas for making the most of your farm stay at Sugar Water Manor.

11 Activities To Do During Your Farm Stay

1. Do some farm work.

It is helpful to remember your farm stay at Sugar Water Manor is on a working farm. Things here are organic and ever changing but you are always welcome to help on the farm. Just ask, and we’ll be sure to inform you of the chores that need to be done and any farm plans happening during your stay.

2. Visit the barn.

While you shouldn’t enter the barn on your own for your own safety, you can certainly arrange a barn visit at Sugar Water Manor. Don’t miss playing with the small goats on property. They are so cute! And while guests should not feed any of the animals, there are special treats you can give them. Once you are orientated to the animals you can visit on your own and collect eggs. We like to remind you we are not a petting zoo - but a working farm and homestead. We ask that you join in during regular chores as to not disrupt the flow of the animals.

3. Collect eggs.

One of the best things about experiencing a farm stay is the farm-to-table food you get to enjoy! And you can collect your own eggs if you want. At Sugar Water Manor, they have both duck and chicken eggs.

4. Play with the animals.

A genuine farm stay is all about interacting with the animals on the farm. At Sugar Water Manor, you can visit the chickens and ducks, say hello to the roosters, Ed and Little Roo, and give treats to the goats.

5. Use the fire pit:.

During the fall and winter, the fire pit is the perfect spot to watch the sunset, enjoy a s’mores or even cook your dinner. Here are a few favorite fire pit meals:

• Local fresh seafood with veggies in a foil wrap with butter, lemon and garlic herbs

• Hot Dogs on a Stick

• Kebobs with chicken and veggies

• Foil wrapped beef cubes and veggies

• Foil wrapped sausage with peppers

• Hash browns, ham and an egg cracked on top

6. Get kayaking.

At Sugar Water Manor, you get the fun of a farm stay along with the close proximity to a water source. There is an array of kayaks and a SUP along with life jackets at the river which guests can use. The water in the river is tidal and very shallow making it work well for families with small kids.

7. Stroll along the Manokin River.

Even if you don’t want to get in the river, it is still a fascinating place to be. Whether you want to just sit and watch or take a long stroll during low tide be sure to find time to enjoy. Try to spot the majestic Bald Eagles or darling deer!

8. Go slacklining

For most of the year, a slackline is set up near the river. This is a similar to a tightrope which is suspended between two anchors. Try to walk or balance on it. Have fun!

9. Visit the gardens

Feel free to wander through the various gardens on the property. Guests at Sugar Water Manor are welcome to harvest fruits, herbs and vegetables for your meals while on property.

10. Go fishing

At Sugar Water Manor, they are happy to provide guests with fishing rods and lures to fish from straight from the beach on property.

11. Explore Raccoon Point

Raccoon Point is less than a mile from Sugar Water Manor. It is a great bike ride or walk. There are grass marshes there along with a wonderful little beach.

No matter what you do during your farm stay at Sugar Water Manor, just be sure to leave the stress and technology behind. Be prepared to wander and simply enjoy nature. There are countless wonders all around.

And doing nothing is perfectly acceptable too.

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