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Uncork and Unwind: Exploring the Best Vineyards on Maryland's Eastern Shores

Discover the beauty and flavors of Maryland's vineyards on the eastern shore. We're showcasing the top wineries in the area and what to expect during your visit. Sip on delectable wines, enjoy stunning scenery, and experience friendly staff for an unforgettable wine-tasting journey. There's something for everyone on Maryland's eastern shores.

Did you know that the Eastern Shore has wineries. Not just one or two - but enough to make visiting them a long weekend.

Located on the eastern shores of Maryland, there are a variety of wineries that are waiting to be explored. If you are a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and relaxing way to spend your day, a visit to the wineries on Maryland's eastern shores is a must.

And there is nothing that goes better with wine than seafood. Located between the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean the food options to pair with your wine are endless.

Who knew? Local wine on the Eastern Shore. The biggest question is always "Grapes grow here?"

First the soil type on the Eastern Shore is perfect for growing grapes. Grapes like well drained soil, so the sandy soil is perfect.

Second the weather is great for growing. The temperatures in summer and winter are not too extreme. There are not too many hot tropical days in the summer and the winters are cold, but not extreme giving the vines adequate rest time.

Finally, the shore is flat, allowing for a full day of sun for the grapes to ripen.

There are many types of grapes that are grown here on the Eastern Shore translating to a wide variety of wines that are produced. There is truly something for everyone.

Discover Our Favorite Vineyards on the Eastern Shore

Bordeleau Vineyards and Winery

Bordeleau Vineyards and Winery is located closest to Sugar Water Manor being right up 13 from us. The name translates to the Waters Edge as it sits on the Wicocomo Creek. The vineyard climate is also close to the Bordeaux region. The tasting room with both indoor and outdoor areas is open year round. I highly suggest you checkout the events happening as you plan your visit.

Broken Spoke Vineyards and Winery

The Broken Spoke Vineyards and Winery is North of the Chesapeake Bay bridge and furthest from us but worth the trip. Especially on a market day. You can enjoy the tasting bar or reserve your tasting with table service.

Mark Cascia Vineyards

Mark Cascia Vineyards is the result of an engineer turned winemaker on 12 acres on Cox Creek. Cox Creek in located on Kent Island and has reds and whites. The tasting room is open seasonally and I highly suggest checking out their event schedule for what’s happening. And do not leave without tasting their delicious dessert wines.

Casa Carmen Wines

Specializing in old world style wines Casa Carmen is not to be missed. Casa Carmen is a true family affair. The creation of two brothers and their families. The Chestertown location at The Bogeda has a tasting room and wonderful menu to enjoy and they will be open gin the farm location soon.

Chateau Bu-De

Located is Chesapeake City Chateau Bu-De is also one of the furthest from us, but the beauty of the location worth the visit. Another family operated vineyard, the winery sits overlooking the Bohemia River. The wine making is focused on sustainability with a mix of old world and new techniques. With two sparkling wines and a range from Pinot Noir to Chardonnay there is something for everyone.

Crown Vineyard and Winery

Located just North of Chestertown, Crown Vineyard offers a farm stay and encourages guests to get out and see what goes into making the wine. With the Crown Vineyard approach they believe in the quality with as little intervention as possible. You can also enjoy their local farmer goods.

Far Eastern Shore Winery

The Far Eastern Shore Winery is located close to us in Easton. It features wines with the flavors inspired from East Asia. As a small family owned micro-winery we always suggest stopping in their Easton tasting room. Many of the wines have diverse notes of fruits that are unexpected and wonderful.

Faulkner Branch Cidery and Distilling Co.

Although not wine Faulkner Branch is well worth the stop. The tasting room feels like a speakeasy making your visit even more fun. The cidery produces wonderful ciders as well as some spirits. And! They have a non-alcoholic cider as well. This family focused cidery with apples instead of grapes is well worth the visit just North of Salisbury in Federalsburg.

Great Shoals Cellars

Located on the beautiful St Michaels, Great Shoals Cellars is a must. They focus on partnering with Maryland farmers to source their fruit to make their products. Producing both wines and ciders there is much to try and you must make a visit to their tasting room to enjoy. Great Shoals is named from the Great Shoals Light on the Wicomico River. Be sure to stop in try a flight and take some home.

Layton’s Chance Vineyard and Winery

Located in Vienna with 14 acres of vineyards, Layton’s Chance is the perfect place to spend the afternoon wandering the nature trial and enjoying the wine. While the family’s store of agriculture began in 1948 and the property has had such variety the vineyards are slowly taking over the farm. What started with 6 wines is now over 20. We love that many of their wines are inspired by the local area including Freedom, a blend of native grapes that was inspired by Harriet Tubman

St. Michaels Winery

Located in the Historic Old Mill District in St. Michaels you have to stop here when walking around eating and shopping downtown. Producing about 18 wines, St. Michaels Winery specializes in small batch wines. But having 18 wines means there is something for everyone to enjoy but be sure to try something new when you visit.

Windmill Creek Vineyard and Winery

Located just a short drive from us in Berlin, Windmill Creek Vineyard and Winery is also a wild flower farm. Current owners are Mom, Dad and daughter Brittany. After her parents inherited the house at the vineyard, Brittany decided to study Enology and Viticulture in college. There had been long history of both agriculture and wine making in the family so bringing the two together professionally was the perfect match. The property alone is worth a visit.

The Eastern Shore has so much to offer and the vineyards are so worth planning a trip around.

Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of wine, there is something for everyone at the wineries on Maryland's eastern shores. Get ready to sip, swirl, and savor your way through the charming and picturesque wineries of the eastern shores of Maryland.


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