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Best Tips to Start a Flower Garden

Looking to start a flower garden but not sure where to begin? From choosing the right location to selecting the perfect plants, our expert tips will help you create a stunning and thriving flower garden that you can enjoy all year round.

A flower garden can be a great addition to the home and a great addiction once you get started.

Flowers are beautiful, colorful, smell nice, are useful, beneficial and so rewarding. Friends, family and neighbors will enjoy and maybe even be inspired by your gardens.

Flower gardens are beautiful and great additions to any home but they require a lot of work to begin and maintain. Some people plan before they garden, but most don't. Some people just jump into it and neither way is wrong. But for both you need to be prepared for the upkeep to make it useful for years to come.

Whether you jump in or make a plan there are some things you will need to get started.

You will need the proper tools

The proper tools and equipment will make it not only possible, but more enjoyable and productive. If you do not have the proper tools starting the flower garden will be more time-consuming, difficult and not enjoyable.

Gardening tools can be bought from a local hardware store, nursery or you can have delivered to your doorstep. I linked my favorites below to be shipped directly from Amazon.

Durability is important because no one wants to be in the middle of gardening and the tools break. Also be sure to have an accessible place to store your tools.

I keep the larger ones in one place in my small barn making it easy to just wheel out. Then on the back of my cart I have a box with all the tools I use on a daily basis making it easy to grab and do what I need to. I have a friend who set up a little weatherproof box in her garden with the tools to make it super easy.

Tools that will be needed for beginners to start planting flowers:

Good soil is the most important part of starting your garden

The soil must be nourished, moist yet well-drained. It is worth starting with a home soil test. Then make adjustments as needed.

The soil shouldn't be too moist or too dry. Once your soil is well balanced or if starting new choosing the correct soil, then it is time to plant.

But, you need to know that different plants require different soil and different sunlight. Too much sunlight can dry the soil out and kill the flower, so it is best to read the instructions on the plant when they are purchased because each plant has sun and shade requirements. I promise once you get started you will be building sun, shade, part sun and more gardens.