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Sugar Water Manor's Best Kayaking Tips

Updated: May 12, 2021

Kayaking is a wonderful watersport and a great way to explore nature. It's just one of our guests favorite activities to do here at Sugar Water Manor. We put together some kayaking tips and tricks to for you so that you can have an enjoyable, memorable time while kayaking.

Kayaking can be done in rivers, lakes and oceans. It's such a wonderful activity that the whole family can do together, kids included! There are some local kayaking trails that you can check out.

We have a couple of different types of kayaks on property.

The yellow Kayak is a sit in and we recommend more experienced kayakers use it, as it's harder to flip if you fall out and harder to get out of.

For beginners, we recommend the sit on kayaks are the safest for this level of experience. There is no enclosed seat, making it easier for you to get on and off of your kayak. Plus, it's wider and more stable.

Keep in mind: That the one person kayak is for just that - 1 person and the same goes for the 2 person kayaks.

How to Get into a Kayak

It's easiest to get into your kayak from as close to the shore as possible. Once you get in, use your arms to push yourself into the water. Sit up straight and keep your legs out in front of you. Keep your body nice and relaxed.

If you are using the pedal kayak, don't drop the pedals until you are deep enough to do so.

Kayak Paddling

Keep in mind that we are tidal and very shallow except when you are all the way out. Because of this, we recommend you stay close to the shore if you are new to kayaking.

To hold the paddle correctly, hold the paddle with both of your hands shoulder width apart. Keep the concave part of the paddle facing you.

To paddle forward, use your paddle to make long strokes from the front of the kayak to the back on both sides. To go backwards, just do the opposite.

Always go against the current, so that when you come back in and tired, it's easier.

Remember, kayaking is for fun, this isn't a race. Take in the sites, relax and enjoy yourself. Always stay alert.

Plan to get wet

Kayaking is a watersport afterall! You will want to wear appropriate clothing that can dry quickly. Wear comfortable water shoes or sandals. Bring a hat. Dress for the water, not the weather!

Life Vest Safety

Your life vest (aka: personal floatation device) is a must when kayaking at Sugar Water Manor and one of the most important pieces of kayaking gear. Make sure your life vest fits snuggly, but comfortable - not too loose and not too tight.

Ask a buddy to place their fingers under your life vest shoulder straps and lift upwards. If your straps go beyond your ears, grab a smaller size.

Put your life vest on before you launch.

Kayaking Rules at Sugar Water Manor

Our kayaking rules are pretty simple.

  • Be smart!

  • Wear a life jacket properly (life jackets are in the bench seat)

  • Don't forget sunscreen, bug spray and water

  • Always pull the kayaks back to the kayak area when you are done

  • Always ask for help if you need it! Don't be afraid to ask for help!

  • Do not touch other people's fishing lines or crab pots.

  • You may only fish from a kayak if you have a Maryland license (rods are available in the shop)

  • Please do not touch David's kayak (it's the one with his rods)

  • Kids may not kayak without a parenting watching



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