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Guide to Kayaking with Kids

Kayaking is a wonderful watersport to get the kids enjoying the outdoors. Sugar Water Manor is a wonderful location to give this fun family-friendly activity a try!

We wrote this guide to help the families who visit Sugar Water Manor have a fun and relaxing time out on the water!

Sugar Water Manor is located on the Manokin River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. It's important to remember that the water is tidal and very shallow except when you are all the way out, making it the perfect location for families who are new to kayaking.

Every parent will know their child the best, but there are a few safety precautions to keep in mind when kayaking with kids.

Your child should know how to swim before you head out on the water.

When you kayaking with kids, it's important to start out slow. Don't venture too far out, in case you need to return to shore. If you are an experience kayaker, but your children aren't, it's important to keep this in mind. Lower your pace so the kids can keep up. If your family is new to kayaking, we recommend you stay close to the shore.

Don't make your first time on the water an adventure. Try short trips to introduce your kids to the ins and outs of how to kayak and the safety precautions.

What kayak is best for kids?

If your child is under 9, have them ride a tandem kayak with an adult. Have them sit in the front seat and you can sit behind them to steer.

Children over 9 can start to explore kayaking on their own. We suggest using a tandem kayak to give your child some confidence in paddling and kayaking skills before moving out on their own.

A stable kayak like a sit-on is great for kids, especially if they have never been kayaking yet. If you are more than one adult, you can choose a sit-on so you can have your child sit comfortably in between two adults.

We have all of these right here on our property.

Some Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Kayaking with Kids

Because it's important to always be able to have your children where you can see them, have older children lead your group down the water. Trust me kids love this!

Bring some tow lines just in case your children end up being too tired to paddle home, they can be towed home by you.

Of course, always remember your personal floatation device (aka: lifejacket), one made especially for children.

Apply sunscreen every few hours.

Pack extra water-resistant clothing since children are more prone to getting wet and dirty and have them wear a wide brimmed hat.

Pack water and snacks for everyone. On the Kayak trails around Somerset County, MD, you can find pavilions and picnic tables to stop, relax and fuel up.

Be sure you head out, we recommend reading our Guide on the Best Kayaking Tips, where we share our kayaking rules, how to paddle and more. Of course, if you have questions or need help, don't be afraid to ask!


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