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25+ Easy Foil Packet Recipes for the Campfire

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Try these delicious foil packet recipes around the campfire! From breakfast to dessert, you will find recipes using simple ingredients that take no time at all to create, cook and clean up!

We love the no-fuss effort that foil packet recipes take. While you are staying here at Sugar Water Manor, they're perfect for over a fire or on the grill. Or enjoy these foil packet recipes right in the oven for anytime of the year.

Foil Packet Recipes are super easy thanks to the minimal prep before hand. Each packet usually has a protein, a vegetable and a starch. We also love to enjoy these types of meals for breakfast or even a sweet ending to the day with dessert. And lets not forget how simple they are to clean up!

Tips for Successful Foil Packet Cooking

  • Be sure to use heavy duty aluminum foil when making your foil packets. It's sturdier and less likely to tear. Or if that isn't what you have on hand, double up on your foil layers when assembling your foil packets.

  • Spray your foil with cooking spray prior to assembling your ingredients.

  • Use thin cuts of meat and place them on the bottom of the packet since they will take the longest to cook.

  • Add cheese after your packet is fully cooked and off the fire to ensure it doesn't stick to the foil.

  • Open packets slowly when they are done cooking to let the steam vent out carefully.

Main Dishes

Side Dishes


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