What's Happening at Sugar Water Manor in March!

March is a busy time at Sugar Water Manor thanks to chicks, ducks, getting the gardens ready and a handful of fun celebrations that we have some great specials for. Come stay with us in March and see for yourself!

March is a busy time here at Sugar Water Manor. It is the month that formally brings us Spring. And we would say Spring truly arrives in March. Winter is coming to an end and the March full moon rises. Some call it the Worm Moon because it is when the earthworms start to come out. Others call it the Sugar Worm as the March rains bring spring and it is a sweet time when new life starts to emerge. Which ever you call it, it is a spectacular sight.

Here's what to expect at Sugar Water Manor in March!

The chicks will be a month old and the ducklings arrive the first week of March. We start to prepare the raised beds and finish cleaning the fields. We will have transplanting happening in the garden house and growing will be in full swing.

Believe it or not the pool gets opened in March and last year we were swimming in it late April. We added a solar cover so you never know when we may have our first dip this year.

Bulbs are popping up all over the property including our fabulous daffodils.

The cold frames will be winding down but we will still have fresh lettuce and radish growing in them until we start harvesting them from the raised beds and fields.

And the wildlife is busy. Osprey are building their nests, migratory birds are heading back, our resident rabbit will start to build her nest and everyone is getting busy for the warm months to come. The recreational oyster season comes to an end at the end of the month.

The days get longer which means more time outside kayaking, hiking, preparing gardens, playing and just being.

Here are a few of the specials you can enjoy:

Chick Tender

For the whole month of March you can request a time to be a chick tender. Due to Covid we will request you watch a short video on how we chick tender and then you are all set. What is a chick tender? Basically you get to sit in the brooder and let chicks jump on your lap. It is a priority of ours that all of our animals are confident when we are around them so we start them young. This is for both health checks and safety.

Duckling Keeper

The ducklings arrive the first week of March. Starting March 15th we will accept duckling keepers to also help socialize them. In addition ducklings get taken for a short walk and swim each day. We work with ducklings for the same reasons as above as the chicks.

Garden House Seeding

March is a busy time in the Garden House preparing for the late Spring. Seeding and potting up are both in full swing. We always welcome extra hands and will give you a little bit of our garden house to take home when you lend a hand in the garden house.

Okay it is time to have some fun!

March 5th is National Day of Unplugging

Book your stay between March 1 and March 8 for any 2 nights of more and you will have the perfect basket to help you unplug during your stay waiting for you on your arrival.

March 19th is National Poultry Day and we are here for it - Free Seed Sprouting Kit

We will be celebrating for 2 weeks starting March 8th to March 21st. Not only will you have the opportunity to hang with our 4-6 week old chicks and our whole flock but we will also be happy to hang out in exchange for mealworms and fresh sprouts. We will send you home with your very own seed sprouting kits including your choice of one of our High Mowing Organic Seed Sprouting Mixes from our store. Like I said we spoil our chickens here and we sprout them the same seeds we eat!

March 25th is Maryland Day

We are proud to live in Maryland. The history of Maryland goes back to 1632 when King Charles I, authorized two ships to set sail to settle in Maryland. In March 1634 the settlers left to ships to row to St. Clements Island just up the Potomac. And to imagine just 32 years later, the land we currently call Sugar Water Manor became an established government and settlement in 1666.

Today Maryland Day is celebrated to honor the State’s history. In Honor of Maryland Day if you stay any two nights or more March 22nd to March 31 we will send you home with a basket of Maryland goodies.