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Spring Happenings on the Farm at Sugar Water Manor!

Spring is a busy time here on the Farm at Sugar Water Manor thanks to chicks, ducks, getting the gardens ready and so much more. It is a time of newness, preparing new and there is a slight hassle to beat the clock.

The trees, plants and flowers that have been resting all winter start to show themselves and the bees start to test their flight.

March is the month that formally brings us Spring. And we would say Spring truly arrives in March.

Winter is coming to an end and the March full moon rises. Some call it the Worm Moon because it is when the earthworms start to come out. Others call it the Sugar Worm as the March rains bring spring and it is a sweet time when new life starts to emerge. Which ever you call it, it is a spectacular sight.

The April and May full moons are just as special. The April full moon is named after my favorite color. It is the Pink Moon named after the wild flowers starting the bloom. The May full moon is called the Flower Moon although blooms start in April the May Flower Moon is named for the abundance of flowers blooming.

Here's what to expect at Sugar Water Manor the Spring!

Chicks and Ducklings

The chicks and ducklings will be arriving. We will be getting the chicks and ducklings a little later this year so that they can enjoy more time outside of their brooder in the big barn.

Once the chicks and ducks are a couple of weeks old we start bringing them out for playtime and also need extra hands.

Guests can also help with feeding, watering and cleaning in the brooder. We like to spend time sitting in the brooder so that the chicks and ducklings get use to having people around and are comfortable with us.


While we do the bulk of our seeding in the garden house in February we are still seeding in March and April for succession planting. We are also start to focus on amending the raised beds and fields.

Seeds in the garden like peas, beans, greens and root vegetables are sowed. Then one of our favorite plantings start, potatoes and onions!

Although a lot of work we love the process of digging, mounding and planting! We will have transplanting happening in the garden house and growing will be in full swing.

Pool and Kayaks

Believe it or not the pool gets opened in March and last year we were swimming in April. We added a solar cover in 2020 so you never know when we may have our first dip this year.

The kayaks are always available and Spring is a great time to get out and explore the river.

Bulbs are popping up all over the property including our fabulous daffodils.

The cold frames will be winding down but we will still have fresh lettuce and radish growing in them until we start harvesting them from the raised beds and fields.

The Wildlife

And the wildlife is busy. Osprey are building their nests, migratory birds are heading back, our resident rabbit will start to build her nest and everyone is getting busy for the warm months to come. The recreational oyster season comes to an end at the end of the March.

The Bald Eagles and busy nesting and mating. We have resident Bald Eagles year around so they are pretty settled in Spring and out hunting on the river.

The days get longer which means more time outside kayaking, hiking, preparing gardens, playing and just being.

Come stay with us this Spring!


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