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6 Maryland Hiking Trails That Are As Easy As You Want Them To Be

If you are looking for Maryland hiking trails, you have many to choose from near Deal Island. The trails in this area have amazing wildlife, and are made for birding, hunting, fishing, biking, horseback riding, and of course lots and lots of hiking. Here are our 6 of our favorite!

Many visitors come to the area because of the beautiful and scenic marsh lands in the Deal Island Wildlife Management Area. This area covers over 13,500 acres in the western part of Somerset County and includes forested wetlands and a man-made pond. It is one of the best places in Maryland to hunt and watch waterfowl, including many varieties of geese and ducks.

There are many Maryland hiking trails near Deal Island which each have a unique footprint, trail distance and recreation opportunities. Anyone looking for scenic hiking or biking trails will enjoy the easy path around the pond. The area also includes a simple campground that is available for overnight stays. However, Deal Island Wildlife Management Area is not the only place for fantastic hikes.

We recently met with Somerset Trail Mix which is such an awesome place for those who want all the details on hiking, biking, walking, golfing and paddling opportunities in Somerset County, Maryland. Anyone looking to get active in the area can easily find information about all the cool trails and parks already in place here. Check out five Maryland hiking trails that will get your heart pumping.

6 Maryland Hiking Trails Near Deal Island

1. Assateague Island Bike Path Distance: 4 miles State: MD

This multi-use paved trail is in the Assateague Island State Park, which is on the remote Assateague Island. The area is known for its natural beauty and sandy beaches. However, it’s the herds of wild ponies that can be found here that make this place almost otherworldly. Visitors using the trail can sometimes come across the ponies right on the trail or on an adjacent road. Though it is tempting, it is illegal to touch them so visitors should keep their hands to themselves. They should also watch out for manure piles left behind by the ponies. The is one of the Maryland hiking trails that truly offer so much more than just a place to walk.

2. Point Lookout Distance:13.9 miles State: MD

Point Lookout is a peninsula that juts out between the rushing Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the few places where visitors can catch a view of both majestic bodies of water at once. This nearly 14 mile trail was once cleared in the 1800’s for a planned railroad line which is why this trail is also called the Point Lookout Railroad Trail. (Alternatively, it is also called the Periwinkle Point Nature Trail as well.) The Point Lookout State Park covers over 1000 acres. Visitors can camp, swim, boat, fish, and hike here. There are also quaint cabins available for nightly rentals and a visitor center that includes a Civil War museum and other interesting exhibits.

3. Easton Rails-to-Trails Distance: 2.5 miles State: MD

The Easton Rails to Trails path runs 2.5 miles starting in southern Easton on Dutchmans Lane to the huge sports complex at North Easton Park. Opened in 1998, this trail is a must-do for both visitors and those who live in the area. Running right through the historic downtown of beautiful Easton, this easy walking path offers convenient access to stores, restaurants, and other amenities in the town. Don’t miss the original railroad depot at the halfway point that has been converted to a visitors center and local museum.

4. Marshyhope Hike and Bike Trail Distance: 2.5 miles State: MD

The Marshyhope Hike and Bike Trail is a multi-use path that begins as a gravel path in Federalsburg, Maryland. It heads north through a beautiful natural area along the edge of the Marshyhope Creek. This is one more of the Maryland hiking trails where visitors can find a number of wildlife and waterfowl. Users of the trail can also pay homage to fallen service members at the Federalsburg Hometown Veterans Memorial located on the greenway. The quaint wooden bridges, scenic views and easy access to downtown Federalsburg are three things that set this trail apart from the others.

5. St. Mary's River State Park Distance: 7.5 miles State: MD

For those looking for a longer trail, head to the loop around St. Mary’s Lake in St. Mary’s River State Park. It is a great place to spy a wide variety of birds, wildlife and the beautiful natural landscape. This narrow dirt trail is perfect for hikers as well as those on horseback and mountain bikes. This is also a destination that has become popular for hunting and fishing in the freshwater lake. Recent improvements include adding a playground, boat ramps, and a modern comfort station.

6. Somerset County, MD The Somerset County Recreation and Parks Dept is excited to offer visitors the Somerset Trail Mix. The Somerset Trail Mix is a great way to explore Somerset County with opportunities for hiking, biking, walking, golfing and paddling right in one place. Visit their website where you can find maps, facts, pictures, links and more so that you can enjoy the beautiful Somerset County.

These Maryland hiking trails are ones that anyone visiting the Deal Island area and the Eastern Shore should visit. They allow visitors to get out into nature and burn some calories too. Pop over and visit our good friends at Somerset Trail Mix for even more exciting hiking trails. The only question is which one will you stroll down first?

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