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Containers and Supplies You Need to Grow Your First Salad Bowl

Learn how to get started growing your own salad bowl. You will have everything you need in just a little while to grow salads of all kinds right on your kitchen counter.

Let’s grow a salad bowl, it is easy, not expensive and fun! There are only a few things you need to get started.

  • A Container or Bowl

  • Soil

  • Seeds or Seedlings

  • Water

That is all you will need to have a homegrown salad in just a little while.

How to Make Your First Salad Bowl

First find the perfect container.

Chances are you have one around the house. It can be anything as long as it has holes for drainage or you can poke or drill holes in the bottom of your container.

You will also want a saucer or dish under it to catch any water. Don’t use a bowl without holes, because you’ll risk having the soil stay too moist and the roots will end up rotting. Drainage is key.

If you can’t find anything you like around the house or want something special to sit on the kitchen counter, head to your local home improvement store, garden center or search on line. The best option for planting is a shallow bowl. A shallow bowl with drainage holes and a catch plate works best for planting your salad bowl.


If you do not have any soil at home order or pick up a bag of good potting soil. I use an organic soil. You need just enough to fill your pot. Be sure you get good quality soil that is for growing vegetables. A potting soil mix with a slow release fertilizer added will give you the best results. If there is not an organic soil with fertilizer just add a small bag of organic slow release fertilizer.

Pick Your Seeds

Now it is time to choose your lettuce. You can pick seed or plant seedlings. Seedlings are often the best choice for your first salad bowl. They are already started and your salad will be ready sooner. You can also start two at once so that you have fresh lettuce on and on. The plain seedlings are easier to grow for a beginner and of course you get to harvest that much sooner. Planting seeds at the same time will allow you to also have lettuce a little while after your seedlings are ready to eat.

Picking varieties to grow is so much fun. I suggest stopping at a local farmers market to determine what you might like. You can grow a mix of varieties in the same container. Mixing colors makes for a pretty planter and don’t forget that you can add some herbs for a great tasting salad. Mixing herbs and varieties of lettuce will also make a beautiful planter.

Make Your Salad Bowl

Now that you have all your supplies the fun can begin.

  • Fill your bowl with potting soil. You will want to leave about an inch and a half at the top of the container without soil, more if using seedlings.

  • Lay out your plan first to design your container with the look you want.

  • Now it is time to get a little dirty and start planting.

  • You really do not need much for planting, your hands or a spoon from the kitchen drawer will do just fine. If you have seedlings grab a fork too, they are the perfect gardening tool so you don't tear the roots.

  • If you are starting with seeds when you finish fish your layout simply sprinkle your lettuce and herb (if using) seeds on the soil. Then take a little additional soil and sprinkle on top of seeds for amount of coverage suggested on seed packet.

  • If starting with plant seedlings just take them out of the containers, I like using a fork to best work with roots. Then gently tease the roots apart a little around the edges and plant them

  • Gently water your planting bowl to allow the soil to settle.

Soon you will have your very own homegrown salad. And if you want to take the easy way out just buy this!


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