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How To Create The Perfect Thanksgiving Getaway

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The perfect Thanksgiving getaway is attainable. It's just all about how you define "perfect." And for the first time ever, you can find your own perfection by staying at Sugar Water Manor Thanksgiving week.

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is just two months away.  When we lived in Austin, we created the perfect Thanksgiving getaway and I want to share it with you to help plan your own.

Our Thanksgiving Cabin Tradition

One of my family's greatest experiences when we lived in Austin, Texas, was creating a Thanksgiving family tradition for us.  We made the decision to skip battling air travel, especially since we all already flew too much. We were going to find someplace drivable.  So for the seven years we lived in Austin, every Thanksgiving, we packed up the car and moved into a cabin on a dude ranch just a couple of hours away. 

The time the four of us spent in the cabin together playing games, hanging out and just being together were some of the best times ever.  It was relaxed, easy and calm.  It was just what we needed together. 

Create your own perfect Thanksgiving getaway at Sugar Water Manor


We have made the decision to open reservations at Sugar Water Manor this year to allow others to have that time here at Sugar Water Manor.  We realized the other night that we had the opportunity to open our lodge houses so others could find their own perfect Thanksgiving getaway.


The perfect Thanksgiving getaway may be in your family in the Homestead that sleeps up to four or the Farm House that sleeps up to six.  Or you may decide to bring your friends or family and stay in both of those plus the Loft (for up to two adults only).  If you decide to come with your friends and/or family, the Farm House will be perfect for making and serving your Thanksgiving meal.  The Farm House is set up to serve up to 12 at the dining room table or on the porch.


Whether you come with your immediate family or with friends and/or family, we have the perfect options for you.


Our Thanksgiving Gift To You

If you decide Sugar Water Manor is where you want to spend Thanksgiving, we are offering a special rate. Returning guests always get 10% off, but you can have a total of 15% off when you stay four nights from Wednesday, November 23, 2022 to Sunday, November 27, 2022 for a total of 4 nights.  If you are a returning guest, we will also waive the cleaning fee for a total of 15% off plus no cleaning fee. 


Want to see something cute?  Here are some pictures of us from years ago on our perfect Thanksgiving getaway.


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