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Sugar Water Manor's Returning Guest Program: The Baker’s Dozen

We are thrilled to announce the Baker’s Dozen. The Baker’s Dozen is our returning guest program!

The History of the Baker's Dozen

The Baker's Dozen practice goes back to the 1150’s with The Worshipful Company of Bakers. The Worshipful Company of Bakers were a guild overseeing the trade. The phrase didn't come along until about 1599.

Both go back to a law that had dire punishment if you supplied less to a customer so the bakers would throw in an extra loaf. This mediaeval law did not just exist for a dozen but bakers would throw in a extra small piece for other orders too.

The Baker's Dozen practice is pretty simple. It is done by adding one to a true dozen making thirteen, a Baker’s Dozen. But originally baker’s would add a little something all the time.

Sugar Water Manor's Baker Dozen

We here at Sugar Water Manor love Baker’s Dozens of all types. Let’s start with our favorites, bagels, donuts, and really any type of bread or sweet. But we also love our guests so we decided that a Baker’s Dozen was what we needed. We know that food is a love language and thus this is it!

The Baker’s Dozen is pretty simple, Stay with us 12 nights and we will give you the 13th night free. It can be any combination of Sugar Water Manor's lodging options, just 12 total at Sugar Water Manor.

Here are all the little details:

  • 2 nights must be within a 2 year period. 12 nights can be a combination of any lodge houses or loft

  • 2 night minimum stay still must be met

  • We of course will keep track but ask that you tell us you are using your 13th night prior to your arrival

  • The 13th night cannot be gifted

  • The guest must be present when using and must book and be present at time of stay

  • There is no monetary value given for 13th night - it is simply a free13th night to the booking if pertains to

  • 3th nights cannot be combined


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