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Sugar Water Manor's Amazon Storefront

We are excited to share our Amazon Storefront with you!

We have so many requests and questions about products we use and items we sell we have decided to make your life easier. We have an amazing store front and it has different groupings of all the products that we use here on the farm.

The storefront is divided up into sections making it easy for you to shop for exactly what you are looking for. And yes, these are affiliate links and one of the ways we are able to run our farm, donate our produce and take in all our wayward animals and pay their vet bills!

The store is listed under Dana’s Life Done Well and includes many sections, such as:


All of these cookbooks we personally use and love. If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else message me and I am happy to help you get just what you need

Bringing home puppy-

We know puppies and we love puppies - here are all the products we love.

Linens and things -

Yes we love those sheets too. You can order them and other items we use in the Lodge Houses and Loft.

For the Kitchen -

This is the fastest growing list with all the things that you must have in the kitchen.

Preparing for chicks -

It is almost time to order your chicks for next year. Here is what you must have on hand.

Seeding Time -

Starting your own seeds to have starters for the garden is so easy, fun and saves a lot of money. Here are all the products we use.

Garden Finds -

What we use and love to get the garden and lawn chores done.

What we wear -

We are always asked about our beanies, boots and more. So here they are!

Most used tools -

These are must haves for the house. They make everyday repairs so easy.

Fabulous Finds -

Just all the things we love.

We are always adding to the store front and we are always happy to share more- just ask!

In addition to the Amazon shop you will also find many affiliate links to other products we use in our home, on the farm, in the garden and in the lodges and the loft.

We hope your find all this helpful.


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