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Where to eat in Salisbury, Maryland - Restaurants in Salisbury

Welcome to the Eastern Shore! Where to eat in Salisbury, Maryland. Salisbury is our “major” city and where you can find some good eats. While you can find many chain restaurants that are staples and consistent there are also great local favorites.

The Eastern Shore is made of of so many little towns and cities and it is easy to get around. Everything is just a short rive away, and by short in Eastern Shore terms think 30-60 minutes. So finding a good restaurant is really not that hard at all.

Downtown Salisbury is located on the Wicomico River with a pretty river walk and many restaurants along the water. And the greater Salisbury is just an short drive from the beach and so much more.

We often drive up to Salisbury for lunch and dinner and David brings home take out back to the farm as well.

Here are a few of our favorite restaurants broken down into categories

Let’s with our local brewing companies that also have restaurants in Salisbury, Maryland.

Delicious local clams
Local clams at Evo

First we have Evolution Craft Brewing, EVO.

Located just across from downtown Evo has both indoor and outdoor dining with a diverse menu. Featuring many local favorites and much more. In addition it also serves it’s house made microbrews, with EVO 3 being our favorite.

The industrial chic look enhances the hip atmosphere and is a favorite among local too.

The menu is diverse and they also serve brunch. We recommend starting with some shared plates and a salad, the kale salad, the muscles and the the Brussels sprouts are always a good choice.

I rarely order chicken out but EVO chicken is one I do, the brisket sandwich or tacos are also great choices.

Be sure to visit at:

201 E Vine St

Salisbury, MD 21804

Tall Tails Brewing Company

Although not officially in Salisbury we still consider it a local brewery. Tall Tails has multiple options for indoor seating and plenty of outdoor seating as well.

The beer is truly artisan with their year around staples as well.

We highly suggest trying a couple of starters like the German pretzel and the bruschetta points. Then move on to share a couple of main dishes like the Korean BBQ Meatball Bow, tacos and brick over pizzas are our favorites

Be sure to visit at:

6929 Heron Grove Ct

Parsonsburg, MD 21849

Appetizers make the perfect meal
Small dishes perfect to share at Burnish

Burnish Beer Company

Burnish is the most recent brewery to open in Salisbury and is conveniently located near the main strip of shopping. The location is pretty cool in an industrial area where they built out a great outdoor space with both private areas and general seating. They also have a great deal of outside games and many locals enjoy trivia night.

The beer is ever changing and you can always find what is being served on their website for any specific day.

Here too we like to start with some shared plates including the charcuterie, Bavarian pretzel and of course the skillet Mac and cheese. Burnish is another great place to share a pizza or two and leave room for the Liege waffle for dessert!

You can find them at:

2305 Northwood Dr

Unit E

Salisbury, MD 21801

Breakfast restaurants in Salisbury, Maryland and more:

Rise Up Coffee

A Salisbury favorite with great coffee and tea drinks and delicious breakfast sandwiches and more. We love that Rise Up has vegetarian and vegan options as well as everything else. We tend to lean towards the burrito and avocado toast but the breakfast bowls are great too.

There are Rise Up spots across the Eastern Shore but the one here in Salisbury is located at:

105a East College Ave

Salisbury, MD 21804

Bagel Bakery Cafe

We stopped ordering bagels from New York City when we discovered the Bagel Bakery Cafe. They make the bagels right on site and they are wonderful. We order a few dozen to take home to slice and freeze and have a bagel for the ride home.

They offer a full menu of breakfast and lunch bagels as well as other options.

You can eat in or take out

The Bagel Bakery Cafe is at:

1006 S Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801

So many items on the menu to pick from
Cocktails to review the menu with at the Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Cafe

The Mad Hatter Cafe is much more than a breakfast spot but is known for its eggs.

The Mad hatter is a fun and quirky place with lots of personality. And most likely the most diverse menu you will find in Salisbury.

If heading to the Mad Hatter for breakfast or brunch I would suggest the Duchess Cakes and the White Queen Benny.

As for every other time of day you cannot go wrong with they Ramen. Be sure you also share the Duck Confit Hash and save room for dessert.

Enjoy the Mad Hatter at:

501 W Main St

Unit A and B

Salisbury, MD 21801

Great restaurants in Salisbury, Maryland for Lunch and/or Dinner

Mogan’s Oyster House

Most likely considered the most upscale restaurant in Salisbury Mogan’s is a great lunch or dinner spot. With both indoor and outdoor dining and conveniently located right downtown is is worth enjoying.

The indoor space is open and airy with a nice bar area.

While I have had take out a few times, a couple of lunches and a dinner there- I have been underwhelmed but still good. I know a lot of people go for the classic crab cake but there are much better options in the area.

Back to the food. The raw bar options are a must enjoy option with one of the largest selections of oysters around. The lobster roll is also delicious.

The menu is one of the most invented in the area and you have a good array of options.

We also enjoy the three for $12 lunch and the Sunday dinners. They are both worth it

Enjoy Mogan’s Oyster House at:

100 E Main St

Unit 111

Salisbury, MD 21801

A de;icious paella at Cactus Taverna
Paella Cactus Taverna

Cactus Taverna

Located on the main strip in North Salisbury Cactus Taverna is the first restaurant I ate at in Salisbury. But Cactus Taverna is only open for dinner starting at 4PM.

The space is old school with cozy booths and a large dining area. The staff is warm and friendly. The owner and staff make you feel like family.

The menu is big and offers Mexican, Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. The servings are big and you will have leftovers.

I love the selection of appetizers including a delicious hummus plate, seafood combo and even escargot.

Dinner is always consistent and fresh. While you can get many creamy and crab topped meals I love many of their simple dishes like their rack of lamb or lamb shank. The paella is also a great choice.

Located at:

2420 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801

Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant

Open for both lunch and dinner Fratelli’s is a traditional old school good Italian restaurant.

The restaurant is a true classic space with a couple of dining rooms. The staff is lovely and so helpful. The feeling is homey and laid back and food is good. I have enjoyed lunch with friends, quick bite with David for lunch and long lingering dinners.

While I can pick favorites you need to always check the specials and I cannot pick a favorite. Everything from the classics to spins on the classics everything is worth tasting. I have to admit though we have not tied the pizzas.

You can find Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant at:

925 Snow Hill Road

Salisbury, MD 21804

Where to have dessert

There are two not to be missed places to grab a sweet treat

The Ugly Pie

We often stop by to grab a pie for dessert when we are in Salisbury. They not only have delicious pies but also baked goods and quiches. There are way too many options and all that we have had have been delicious. We love to get whole pies (the key lime is the best key lime we have had and we use to live in Florida) for company or gifts. But the pint size pies are a lot of fun to mix in a four pack and enjoy with friends- just grab a fork. While they have so many classics they also have fun twists, like the crème brûlée.

Pick up some pie at

501 W Main Street Salisbury, MD 21801

The Island Creamery

With many locations across the Eastern Shore we frequent the shop next to Salisbury University. They are a local and delicious. With hand churned ice cream in so many delicious flavors you cannot go wrong with your choice. But I will say they chocolate milk shake is my go to.

We love this location with the big parking lot and a drive though.

You can find them at

306 Dogwood Dr

Salisbury, MD 21801

While the list of restaurants could go on and on this is a great start when visiting the Eastern Shore.

Here are a few chains as well is you are looking for something quick when passing though.

Panera Bread

2815 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801


2737 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801

Outback Steak House

8245 Dickerson Ln

Salisbury, MD 21804

Moe’s Southwest Grill

109-B Hampshire Rd

Salisbury, MD 21801

Mission BBQ

2618 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801


2424 North Salisbury Rd

Salisbury, MD 21801


2408B N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801

Five Guys

2408 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801

Krispy Kreme- and if the hot donuts light is on you must stop- it is a rule

2413 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801


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