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9 Things To Do At The Eastern Shore

There are so many things to do at the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Check out these top things to do on the shore. Get outdoors, eat some crab, enjoy waterfront activities and explore historic towns. You can't go wrong on the Eastern Shore. So come and visit!

There are so many things to do at the Eastern Shore. Whether you are visiting with kids, as a couple or as a multigenerational group you will find plenty to keep you busy any time of the year.

Get outdoors. Eat some crab. Enjoy the waterfront. You really can’t go wrong. This area is like no other.

Once you cross over the 17-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel or coming from the North the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you find yourself in a place where time seems to slow down. There are wild marshes, lush farm fields, and rivers that seem to meander out of nowhere.

The waterfront towns date back to Colonial times and are teeming with history. Once you visit the Eastern Shore, you will see it is truly a uniquely American destination.

Where is the Eastern Shore?

The Eastern Shore stretches for 70 miles across parts of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware and can be found between the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Delaware Bay, Delaware River and Atlantic Ocean on the west.

The area is also called the Delmarva Peninsula for the three states it covers.

First inhabited by pre-colonial Native Americans from 10,000 BC to 8,000 BC, the area has traded hands between Indigenous tribes, Spain, England, the Dutch and others.

The Delmarva Peninsula straddles both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, giving it an eclectic mix of Southern culture and the Northeast mentality.

Sugar Water Manor is the perfect place to explore the Eastern Shore, MD. While Sugar Water Manor is a getaway all on it’s, you’ll stay in the perfect location on the Eastern Shore for easy access to all there is to do here!

9 Things To Do At The Eastern Shore

1. See the wild horses.

One of the most special things to do at the Eastern Shore is to see the wild horses on Assateague or Chincoteague Islands.

Thought to be roaming these islands since the 17th century, the herd contains about 300 wild ponies.

They can be seen wandering the local beaches. If you find yourself visiting in July, watch the ponies take their annual swim from Assateague to Chincoteague Island.

These islands are also fantastic destinations for bird watching, hiking, biking, clamming, swimming, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.

2. Eat some amazing food.

When you come to the Eastern Shore it is imperative that you indulge in eating some freshly-caught Maryland steamed or soft shell crabs or mouth-watering oysters. Maryland crab cakes also need to be on the menu at least once during your trip (or more)!

The area is also known for freshly-caught fish, locally grown corn, tomatoes and soybeans and the absolute best cake you have ever tasted- Smith Island Cake.

Bring your stretchy pants and enjoy it all!

3. Attend an event.

This area hosts a myriad of annual events each year. There are food festivals, boating regattas, art shows, waterfront adventures, outdoor races, farmers markets, holiday events and so much more.

Check out all the fairs, festivals and other fun events going on in the area when you are in town.

4. Catch a sensational sunset.

The sunsets on the Eastern Shore are a thing to behold. With vibrant oranges, racy reds, soft pinks and honey-lemon yellows, the sunsets are spectacular. With water all around, these magnificent colors are reflected in the lakes, rivers, streams, bays and the ocean itself.

5. Learn some history.

There are only a handful of places in this young, scrappy and hungry country of ours that date past the mid-1800’s. At the Eastern Shore, the 1800’s are practically contemporary! You can find beautifully restored homes and churches from the Colonial Period as well as ruins of buildings dating back to the 17th century!

The Eastern Shore was settled in the 1600s and has worked hard to preserve its history and old world charm. Whether you are in a museum, on a boat dock or walking down a lonely country road, history surrounds you here. Open up and learn some of it!

6. Experience natural habitats at the wildlife nature preserves.

Have you ever seen nesting bald eagles take flight? At the Eastern Shore, you can see these majestic creatures on a daily basis.

There are several wildlife nature preserves in the area including Deal Island Wildlife Management area.

You can find a variety of plants and wildlife when you hike, bike, walk or drive through the 13,000 acres of marsh land. For those wishing to hunt or view rare waterfowl, this is the only place in Maryland to find large numbers of uncommon ducks and geese.

7. Go fishing.

One of the most popular things to do on the Eastern Shore is to go fishing. Since the 1600s, locals have been making their living fishing, crabbing and clamming in the waters surrounding this area.

Now, while there are still professionals bringing in fresh fish and seafood, most boaters are on the water recreationally. The Eastern Shore offers many beautiful areas to go boating, swimming, and other water fun, but fishing is definitely not to be missed.