How to Cook with Fresh Garden Peas

Fresh garden peas are the quintessential summertime vegetable. Find some great tips on how to use fresh garden peas for cooking, including recipes that will add an interesting flavor to any meal.

Garden peas are the quintessential summertime vegetable. It's not uncommon to see people with a bounty of fresh peas from their gardens. Cooked up like soup or supper and served as a side dish alongside some hearty bread, these pea dishes are both heartier fare than what they're used to when eating out at restaurants during this time of year but no less flavorful for all that.

What most don't realize though is how versatile those delectable little pods might just turn out to be! Garden fresh peas taste completely different than those store bought fresh peas as well - they're sweet, tender, and delicious without all the hassle.

One of the best things about eating peas straight from a plant is that you can eat them right away with no fuss or mess. No washing and peeling required! These delicious peas have an amazing texture - soft on the inside while still crisp on their outside shell!

These are some of my favorite vegetable-based side dishes because they add an interesting flavor to any meal!

There's nothing better than a delicious garden pea recipe! Whether it be sweet or savory, there is an option for everyone that cooks up some flavorful dishes using green peas as an ingredient.

Garden Pea & Basil Soup Recipe


1 cup fresh garden peas